Wine for your Wedding

We carry plenty of stock, with a wide range of wines and prices. At the same time we are small enough to give you a personal service, to ensure the wines for your wedding suit you and your budget and really give pleasure to all your guests. 

This is how we would like to work with you on your wedding plans. First we like an initial meeting, to understand the brief:

  • How many guests?
  • When, what time of day, and for how long?
  • Is the wine to be served on its own, with canapés and finger food, or at a seated meal?
  • If with food, then what is your chosen menu?
  • What is your budget?

Once we understand your needs we can then make our recommendations, for Champagne or sparkling wine, for white, red and rosé, for dry and sweet wines. We can supply you with a number of samples (free if you use us as suppliers, or charged against a credit card if not) which you can take away and taste at your leisure, perhaps even with similar food to that proposed for the wedding, so you can make your pick. Depending on the scale of the order we can give significant discounts on our retail prices.

We can then:

  • Set aside stock of the wines you have selected
  • Arrange delivery to your chosen venue (or caterers) at the right time
  • And take back (we can collect for free if local) any bottles not opened afterwards - you need only pay for what you drink
  • Loan you glasses, both flutes and still wine glasses, if needed

Some other thoughts which might help you plan your day:

  • The big decision financially is whether to serve Champagne or not. We often recommend good quality sparkling wines, which can taste a lot nicer than budget Champagnes - note that having the word Champagne on the label is no guarantee of quality, merely that the liquid comes from the Champagne region!
  • Not everyone likes Champagne or sparkling wine - do offer an alternative, especially as this could save you money.
  • If you are having a summer wedding do consider serving rosé too - there’s nothing nicer on a warm day than a refreshing glass of fruity rosé.
  • If you plan a long party lasting well into the evening, you don’t have to serve a good quality fizz or still wines all night. Think of switching to something more simple - even our 5 litre wine boxes, which have been much enjoyed and are simple to set up and serve from.
  • From our considerable experience of supplying wines to weddings, we know the commonest mistake is to order too much. Remember that among any number of guests there will be elderly, children, drivers, etc. We can advise you on quantities.
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