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1st June 2007

"As they say, a wine merchant to watch."

"Since its launch in October 2002, there virtually hasn't been a week when one of the UK's leading wine writers has recommended a wine from this new wine merchant. So we feel it apposite to start this review with the words of two of these writers. Jancis Robinson says, 'It always pays to follow keen new wine merchants ... whose pricing policy is inspired by enthusiasm and the need to attract customers' attention. Stone Vine & Sun is a prime example.' Whilst Jane MacQuitty puts it, 'Stone Vine & Sun is clearly a wine merchant to watch.' And if this isn't enough, the company once again scooped up three awards at this year's International Wine Challenge.

"So who is behind this venture that is attracting so much attention? Simon Taylor, who set up the company, had previously worked at Sotheby's, specialising in Pre Raphaelite paintings and on his departure he was Deputy Managing Director of Sotheby's Europe. Wine had always been a driving passion and a teaming up of like minded souls gave birth to Stone Vine & Sun. They are committed to selling wines that reflect the land they are grown on and that are bought directly from independent family owned producers. To this end, you will find wines listed here that may never have been imported to the UK before.

"Their mission is to encourage their customers to step outside their usual comfort zones and buy wine with labels they don't recognise. By following their recommendations, it is easy to break into new ground. On Stone Vine & Sun's list, you will see classics from Burgundy, the Rhone and the Loire but also wines from the under rated region of Languedoc-Roussillon. There is also a wide range of South African wines and Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, New Zealand and South America also feature.

"There are various ways to roam around the site, either by using the search facility or clicking on a country. If you still feel at a loss, the User's guide explains it all. Tasting notes are comprehensive. Our Selections might be a good start to getting to know the list. There is a delivery charge per case but this is waived with orders over £250."

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