Andy H - September 2023

S,V+S does the job: finding interesting producers and excellent wines.

The list is not bafflingly huge like some other merchants, nor is it narrow or unadventurous, nor fad/fashion, the result is a most likeable proposition.

All the wines that I've bought so far have matched the firm's careful descriptions- no mishaps and really interesting drinking.

I've been buying pretty regularly for the last couple of years, chasing the good value they've teased out in Burgundy, those interesting propositions from the Rhone and the South of France and delicious personally selected Spanish gems particularly but there's good stuff too from all around the world and in my view you won't be disappointed on price/value at any point in their range.

It really feels like they know and care about what they're selling

Good attention to detail, prompt delivery.

For the adventurous wine enthusiast, I recommend them highly.

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