2009 Bordeaux Supérieur, Château La Plaige, Bordeaux, France 

1st January 2013

"Artigues is not a well-known wine village, but a good wine merchant knows there are good patches of vineyard land in most villages; his job is to find them, and in a fine year like 2009, even the most self-effacing vineyard can excel itself. This is a good example, with surprisingly rich, blackcurrant fruit and a chunky, mouth-filling texture freshened with green, leafy acidity and softened by earthy cream. If you open this for a few hours before required, or decant it, it will become softer still, and you’ll think you’re drinking a delightful, traditional St-Émilion - at a great deal less money".

Oz Clarke, My Top Wines for 2013
Top 50 Reds 

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