Domaine Fontanel

Tautavel, France

Things have changed at Domaine Fontanel, but with a sense of continuity. Elodie and Matthieu Collet bought the domaine from Pierre and Marie-Claude Fontaneil in 2017 and have already made a name for themselves, being elected no less than Vignerons de l'Année (Roussillon) du Guide Hachette 2019.

After both graduating as agricultural engineers in 2004, Matthieu and Elodie decided to become winemakers. Over the years they both travelled the world from the US via Champagne and the Loire to broaden their experience and expertise before passing their oenology diploma in Montpellier. Elodie specialises in taste and after working in sensory analysis for many years now makes the wine at the domaine, while Matthieu enjoys working in the vines.

Their first reason for buying the domaine was their love for the wines previously made by Pierre: he agreed to stay working alongside them for a year, another crucial advantage. Their goal is to make traditional wines, expressive of Roussillon. The white is round and generous (Elodie dislikes the trend for acidification) and the reds are rich and concentrated. The Vin Doux Naturels are fresher than they used to be, in accordance with the taste of their generation; and the reds are more polished as they achieve finer tannins and a lighter structure - but please don’t tell Pierre…

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