16th August 2021

A traditional winery in the Kamptal

The beginnings of Sax family's winemaking activity go back to the year 1660. Back then, wineries were run as a mixed farm. The average vineyard area was 1.5 hectares per farm. Up until the mid-1950s, vineyards in and around the Lengenfeld community in the west of Langenlois were cultivated by their ancestors.

Sax Winery

Step by step

With the acquisition of today's winery at Walterstrasse No. 16 in Langenlois, vineyards around Austria's largest wine town were gradually acquired. Since then, the area under vines has been continuously expanded to the current size of 30 hectares. Since 2008, Rudolf Jun. And Michael have been taking over the tasks of their parents Ernestine and Rudolf senior step by step. At the age of 18, the twin winemakers created their own Burgundy style, better known as Saxess.

Ernestine & Rudolf Sr.

The Sax family has also been involved in viticulture since 1660 and operated vineyards in Lengenfeld until the mid-1950s. During the centuries of history, one thing has never changed: They stand for the passion of making single-variety, vintage and regional wines.

Michi & Rudi

Since 2008, the sons Rudolf Jun and Michael have taken over the family business from Ernestine and Rudolf. At the age of 18, the twin winemakers created their own Burgundy style "Saxess" and since then have skilfully combined modern techniques with an awareness of tradition.

“As sons of winegrowers, we were born with viticulture. It was probably no coincidence that a vineyard was planted on the day we were born, which has been called the Zwillingslauser ever since…” the two young winemakers explain their deep connection to viticulture however as Austrian conductor and composer, Gustav Mahler says "Tradition does not mean worshiping the ashes, but carrying on the embers".

About their wines…

Green Valtellina

It is by far the most important white wine variety in Austria, as unique and characteristic as the Danube or Mozart: The Grüner Veltliner also enjoys an outstanding position in international comparison. From light, fresh to great wine, its wealth of variants has given it fans all over the world. The Grüner Veltliner feels particularly at home in the Kamptal and appreciates the loess-rich soils as well as the warmer climate - this is where it develops its typical fruity, spicy and peppery notes.


It is considered the highest quality and noblest white wine variety in the world: Riesling is valued by winemakers and connoisseurs alike, primarily because of its variety of styles. In an ideal location with a slate or granite floor and a cooler climate, its characteristics range from delicate, playful and dry to fruity wine to noble sweet Auslese. The complexity of Riesling is unsurpassed and makes it the undisputed “King of White Wines”.


From fresh and lively Muscat to powerful Pinot Blanc to spicy Chardonnay - the range of the Sax winery includes a wide range of unique wines. Promoted by the unique climate of the Kamptal, they develop a beautiful bouquet and a healthy acid structure. This creates characteristic wines that ideally round off the range of our estate.


Even if the Kamptal is mainly known for its white wine range, it also offers diverse varieties in the red and rosé wine sector. The Sax winery has specialized in the Zweigelt with its different levels of expansion: whether as a Classico or barrique, as a cuvée in combination with Blauer Portugieser or as a rosé - the berry aromas come into their own in the various variants.


A mild summer evening, the sun is slowly setting - hardly any other wine conveys the summer feeling as excellently as a fresh rosé. But it can also be enjoyed wonderfully in winter. Rosé wine combines the best of two worlds: the freshness and fruitiness of a white wine meets the light tannins and tannins of the red grapes. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter - rosé wine definitely always fits!


Whether New Year's Eve or a wedding celebration - it is the tingling fixed point of every celebration and must not be missing at any special moment: Sparkling wine is one of the finest forms of wine. The fresh citrus aromas make the Grüner Veltliner Sparkling from the Sax winery the ideal aperitif - perfect for the moment when it means: "Raise your glasses!"

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