Midsummer Mix

22nd June 2024

At a time when you might feel stressed by politics, the Euros and the T20 World Cup at least you can control what’s in your wine rack.  We are recommending eighty-one wines for drinking this summer - all offered with 5% off by the six and 12% off for unsplit dozens. There are thirty whites, based on unoaked styles - from light and crisp to aromatic and textured - with a good selection from the Loire. Then there’s sparkling wine, including three rosé fizz, and fifteen still rosés. The reds tend to fresh and juicy examples, many of which could be lightly chilled: including some deliciously ripe Beaujolais from the hot summers of 2022 and 2023 and lighter Italians. Finally,  a treat: a pair of 2020 Burgundies from the brilliant Thiébault Huber.

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There’s a very wide range of styles, including fizz, white, rosé and lighter reds, but in particular I would draw your attention to the focus on three of our estates: Château Barréjat in Madiran, with whom we have been working for 16 years, and two discoveries from last year: Robin père et fils, makers of classically linear Chablis; and Le Tende near Lake Garda, where Giuliana Tezza and Mauro Fortuna provide deliciously pure organic wines. If 81 wines is just too many to absorb, do dip into the 15 pre-selected mixed cases which dot the list, all offering a discount of at least 12.5% against the bottle prices.

We know our customers are busy and don't have time to read all of our verbal outpourings. To make it as easy as possible to top you up with wines which suit your taste we feature fifteen pre-selected mixed cases, all offering a discount of at least 12.5% against the bottle prices. White cases are categorised as crisp, textured or aromatic, plus Loire whites and an ever popular dozen of unoaked white Burgundy. There are three rosé dozens; and reds range from a box of great value Chilean reds to reds for summer drinking, Beaujolais and lighter Italian styles.

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