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Ca’ di Ponti, Grillo, IGT Sicilia, 2014


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The obscurity of the Grillo grape has not stopped this from becoming surprisingly popular amongst our customers. Widely planted in Sicily - this comes from the far west near Trapani - it has the advantage of retaining freshness, lowish alcohol and character even in the Mediterranean heat. Gently floral aroma. Not an overtly fruity style - understated melons and pears - but subtly almondy, quite weighty, but with refreshing bite too.

Ca’ di Ponti, Grillo, IGT Sicilia, 2014

Product Code: PON114

Stone, Vine & Sun rating


Rated 1 out of 5
Dry > Sweet
  • Origin: Italy
  • Region: Sicily
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Colour: White
  • Bottle Size: 75cl
  • ABV: 12.5%
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  • Wine Blog by Simon Taylor

  • Monday 20th July 2015 11:48am

    IWC Dinner, 16th July 2015

    As promised, more on the IWC dinner where SVS was awarded the Specialist Wine Merchant for Chile award. It was quite an evening. Much as I don't want to bite the hand that awards me, the inner old fart in me had some issues. OK, I can just about cope with the disco lights and the incessant, pounding pop music (does this have to punctuate everything now, from international cricket downwards?). BUT... the dinner. If you are going to charge 200 quid a ticket, and put bottles of trophy or gold medal-winning wines on each table, you must serve decent food. But what did we get? OK, I didn't see the crib sheet, but what I appeared to be served was a roundel of Shippam's meat paste with pickled vegetables; followed by some dark-skinned fish in sweetish teriyaki sauce. So the august organisers of an event celebrating the world's wines managed to come up with one course dominated by vinegar and one by sugar...both well-known wine-destroyers. No red meat,  aaargh....A real shame, as it was in many ways a jolly occasion with some top merchants and producers there. The best dressed group were the Japanese, there in force for sake awards, but I also loved coming across the couple in the photo, winner of the Taiwan Fortified Trophy (yes, there's a big world out there....)

  • Friday 17th July 2015 12:06pm

    IWC Dinner

    With Tim Atkin, MW, Co-Chairman of the IWC

    Back after midnight (driving, so a dry evening, felt a bit weird in this crowd) from the annual International Wine Challenge dinner, clutching the award for Best Specialist Merchant for Chile (tiny slingshot carrier from Hampshire sees off the Goliath of the splendid Wine Society). A longer report will follow....

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